Here are building challenges for you.

Can you build a car that drives in wide circles? Difficulty: simple


construct a robot that hits a hand if it senses the hand. Difficulty: easy

HINT: use the ultrasonic sensor to detect the hand.


attach a third motor to the car and make it hold a pen for drawing a circle and then lifting the pen. Difficulty: medium


make a project that uses a touch sensor and an accelarometer sensor to display a crosshair on screen? If you push the touch sensor, the NXT should display the boom image file. Difficulty: medium 


Make a car that can search for objects, grab one, drive away then put the objet down. Difficulty: hard

HINT: use two motors for driving and one for grabbing.


Make a bluetooth remote control to drive a car. Difficulty: hard


Invent and program YOUR OWN NXT segway.


Needs for the challenges: One NXT 2.0 set, One pen, a second NXT brick, an accelarometer sensor