Here are programming tips.

These hints will help you to do more advanced programming.

1. Data wires

For the challenges, you will need to learn about data hubs and data wires.

An example of data wires is simple.


1. Turn the volume to half its maximum level!

2. The data gets sent from one data hub to the other, therefore turning

the volume to 50%.


Scroll down for a simple advanced nxt program.


Tell the random block to select a number between 1 and 100.

Then, put a move block after the random block.

Open the data hubs and connect the number data hub to the power data hub. Next put everything in a loop set to forever.

After that, turn the blocks into a my block called random power.

download the program to the nxt and watch whatever you built run with random motor power. 







  (DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE BELOW(they are zip files so you must unzip them first.)










the above program
it is cool
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 66.9 KB
Little programs
A few programs that you can download
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 779.9 KB
A line follow block for NXT
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 201.8 KB
A useful timer in races and other things
Its con is that it doesnt measure tenths of a second.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 232.0 KB
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 146.5 KB